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Most Luxurious 2024 Peterbilt 579 New Model UltraLoft PACCAR Truck Specifications, Engine, MX-13, MX-11, Headlights, Interior

Peterbilt 579 New Model UltraLoft PACCAR TruckPeterbilt 579 Overview:

With the most luxurious, aerodynamic design, new features, and equipped with state-of-the-art technology new Peterbilt 579 ultraLoft truck is available for truck lovers. 579 model engine design is more fuel efficient than previous models. 2024 Peterbilt 579 price starts from $160,000 and its engine is equipped with a PACCAR MX-13 or MX-11 engine. You can read Peterbilt 579 specifications by reading from the table below. This world-class engine is manufactured in the USA and made with extraordinary standards standards. A far better return on investment and world-class warranties make exactly what you need.

  • Superior Durability
  • Lightweight design
  • Quiet operation
  • Fuel efficient performance

This versatile truck is available in five sleeper configurations including 80″, 72″, 58″, 44″, and ultraLoft length. The ultraLoft sleeper looks sleek, it provides a weight saving of up to 90 kg, and its aerodynamics design of up to 2% gives up to 1% fuel efficiency.

up to 605 hp
Peak Torque
up to 2050 lb

Peterbilt 579 interior is created with high-quality material and the finishing increases the driver experience. This new model truck interior has the largest storage capacity available with multiple compartments. For the upper bunk, a large fold-away stair is also available. It has a shorter wheelbase, which increases maneuverability.

Peterbilt 579 Features:

  • Peterbilt 579 new model is the most luxurious & more fuel-economical in its range
  • Powered with state-of-the-art engine PACCAR MX-13 & PACCAR MX-11
  • Equipped with the lightest 1850 lb toque-capable automated transmission system
  • Peterbilt 579 model has an 80-inch UltraLoft sleeper that offers 8 feet of headroom
  • Double bunk configuration with foldaway ladder
  • Independent HVAC with separate controls
  • Spacious interior with larger panel switches, smart steering with cruise and other controls
  • 15-inch digital display with different functionality
  • Advanced Driver Assistance System including SmartNav, Driver Performance Assistant, SmartAir, Predictive Cruise Control, Wingman Fusion, SmartLinq, TruckCare Support, etc
  • Advanced aerodynamic design including bumper, air dam below the bumper, sculpted mirror heads,  and bold grille
  • Tip-out chassis provides easy access to batteries and APUs
  • Headlights feature LED headlamps with wide light coverage and a built-in heater for clear lenses in bad weather, Optional fog lights and cornering lights automatically activate with the turn signal

Peterbilt 579 Headlights:

Peterbilt 579 headlights new design LED lights increased visibility and it also has InfraRed heating for lens defrost in cold weather conditions. Its green technology makes it possible to consume half of the electricity as compared to halogen headlights.  The 579 fog lights allow the driver to drive the vehicle in most weather and road conditions. New combo LED lights provide high-beam output, new halogen headlights are of the lightest weight and lowest cost, and bulbs are easily replaceable.

Most Luxurious 2024 Peterbilt 579 New Model UltraLoft PACCAR Truck Specifications, Engine, MX-13, MX-11, Headlights, Transmission, Interior & Full Specifications:

Model Series
579 2024
Horsepower (HP)Up to 605 hp
Engine Power380 kW
Engine ModelsPACCAR MX-11, PACCAR MX-13
AxlesDX-40k tandem drive
Fuel TypeDiesel
Fuel Tank Capacity335 Gallons
Torque (Peak)Up to 2050 lb
Transmission TypeAutomatic
Gross Weight (Vehicle)18 ton
Gross Weight (Combination)36 ton
Forward LightingNew LED Headlights, New Combo LED Lights, New Halogen Headlights
FeaturesPower Efficient, Increased Visibility, InfraRed Heating for lens defrost, Cornery lights automatically illuminating during turn signal
SleeperUltraLoft up to 80-inch, 72-inch, 58-inch, 44-inch
Headroom8 feet
70 cubic foot
Microwave Space1.1 cubic foot
TV Spaceup to 32-inch
LadderYes – Foldaway
Crank Mounted FanYes
SteeringMulti-function, Cruise Control & Audio Controls, Switches for backlit
Pull-out trayYes
SeatDampening Adjustments, Suspension, Climate Control (option)
Seat ColorsGray and Tan Shades (Vinyl, Leather, Cloth) Black color is also available in cloth
Interior Color Options
Woodgrain, Premium Technical Grain, Saddle (Light Vinyl, Dark Vinyl, Headliner), Sterling Gray (Light Vinyl, Dark Vinyl, Headliner)
Digital Display
15-inch with different intelligent features
SmartNavFeatures Microphone, Bluetooth, Camera integration, Vehicle integration, GPS
Power ports
2 x 12 volts, USB Ports (optional)
Driver Performance AssistantYes
Predictive Cruise ControlYes
Wingman ConfusionYes
Smart LinqYes
Truckcare SupportYes
PACCAR Transmission
Gears12 Forward / 2 Reverse
Oil Capacity16 Pints
Speed Limit (Lower Cruise)1100 RPM
Torque Capacity1850 lb
Operating Weight Max.110,000 lb
System Weight657 lb
Fluid Pressure SensorProtect from Gear Burn-up
Max. Capacity PTO95 HP, 8 Bolt, Bottom Mount
Maintenance IntervalTransmission 750,000-Mile Oil Change, Clutch Maintenance Free
Transmission Warranty750,000 Miles / 5 Years
Clutch Warranty350,000 Miles / 3 Years
Axle40K tandem axle
DesignPinion thru-shaft
GAWR40,000 lbs. Tandem
GCW80,000 lbs.
Multi-Torque Rating1750 lb
Straight Torque Rating1650 lb
Warranty750,000 Miles / 5 Years
Ratio Range2.47-3.0
MX-13 Engine Specifications
Horsepower405-510 HP
Displacement12.9 liters
Configuration6 Cylinder Inline
Dry Weight2600 lbs
Bore130 mm
Stroke162 mm
Governed Speed2200 RPM
Peak Torque1450-1850 lbs
B10 Design Life1M Miles / 1.6M km
Base Warranty400,000 km / 250,000 miles / 2 years (Extended protection plans are also available)
MX-11 Engine Specifications
Horsepower355-430 HP
Displacement10.8 liters
Configuration6 Cylinder Inline
Dry Weight2200 lbs
Bore123 mm
Stroke152 mm
Governed Speed2200 RPM
Peak Torque1250-1650 lbs
B10 Design Life1M Miles / 1.6M km
Base Warranty400,000 km / 250,000 miles / 2 years (Extended protection plans are also available)
Disclaimer: Dear visitor, We tried our best but we cannot guarantee that the specifications on this page are 100% correct (Human error is possible). For 100% correct specs always visit the nearest local dealer. All Trademarks, Brand Names, and logos are the property of their respective owners.

Smarter Technology:

This new truck model is equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology and is specially designed to enhance overall safety and lower the driver’s workload. This high-tech truck is equipped with a high-definition camera and radar technology. This technology enables different alerts and warnings.

  • Over speed alerts
  • Enhanced collision mitigation
  • Lane-keeping assist
  • Side object detection
  • Lane departure warning
  • High departure braking


A spacious space is available for the TV up to 32 inches and a drawer is specially made to store 12-oz beverages. For laptop storage and to do other office work, a retractable surface is also available.

Peterbilt 579 2024 model cab is well designed with plenty of leg space and fully adjustable steering. An ergonomic cab interior is specially designed according to the comfort of the derive. The multi-functional steering wheel is featured with audio controls and cruise control. Different switches are backlit for better nighttime visibility and a pull-out tray provides the surface for the work.

579 seat provides a comfortable ride with dampening adjustments, optional climate control, and suspensions.
Peterbilt 579 UltraLoft Features


The infotainment system is powered with the PeopleNet application with complete access to the PeoplesNet fleet management solution. It also has a Truckcare roadside assistance application, from this app you can access Peterbilt’s 24/7 customer support. The display also shows vehicle diagnostics, Sirus XM satellite radio, FM, AM, Bluetooth connectivity for calling and text-to-voice functionality. SmartNav also features a USB port for memory devices.

Driver Performance Assistant:

Peterbilt 579 DPA in-dash visual messaging system improves truck performance and fuel economy, and its visual prompts assist the driver such as HVAC usage, braking, tire inflation, and idling.


SmartAir system delivers maximum sleeper comfort with lower fuel costs. It is powered by four heavy-duty AGM batteries and on one charge, it can provide quiet, high-power cooling capacity for up to 10 hours. It also has on-board diagnostics and temperature control and the LCD display shows battery capacity and other functions. This will also automatically start the engine when the battery voltage has dropped too low.

Predictive Cruise Control:

The predictive cruise control increased the 3% improvement in fuel economy. It is built with innovative technology, it uses a trained mapping and GPS satellite locator function, and its intelligent programming knows where the vehicle is and what geographical features are ahead. It knows what’s on the other side of the hill and maintains the cruise speed.

Wingman Fusion:

The 2024 new Peterbilt 579 is equipped with Bendix Wingman Fusion, an advanced driver assistance feature that includes in-lane object identification, collision mitigation, and lane departure warning. The whole high-tech system gathers the data from sensors, radar, braking system, and video and creates a highly detailed in-cab picture of the vehicle’s external environment.


This truck with a large cab is equipped with a SmartLinq monitor, which monitors more than 300 parameters to ensure the vehicle works at maximum efficiency. This high-tech system notifies the real-time notification to driver as well as email notifications to the fleet manager and Peterbilt dealership.

The software update can be performed Over-The-Air. The OTA application allows the customer to update the latest software anytime, anywhere.

You can also download this image for the detailed specs of the Peterbilt 579 truck 2024 model.
Specifications Peterbilt 579 New Model UltraLoft PACCAR

TruckCare Support:

TruckCare assistance is available anywhere in Canada and the United States. This support is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day by dialing 1-800-4PETERBILT.

PACCAR Transmission:

PACCAR’s 12-speed transmission is specially designed to work seamlessly with PACCAR MX engines and axles. It is equipped with the lightest 1850 lb toque-capable automated transmission system on the market of trucks and its smooth shift strategies improve the fuel economy and driver comfort. Its fluid pressure sensor notifies the truck driver of low fuel in the transmission. The clutch is maintenance-free and has the longest transmission oil change interval (750,000-mile oil change). The maximum operating weight is 110,000lb.

  • 12 forward and 2 reverse gears
  • Lightest 1850 lb torque capacity
  • 16 pints oil capacity
  • 3 years or 350,000 miles of clutch warranty
  • 5 years or 750,000 miles of transmission warranty


This PACCAR 40k tandem axle is packed with a lightweight design, advanced manufacturing processes, and innovative technology. This is the first-of-its-kind pinion thru-shaft design and it keeps loads moving forward efficiently.

  • Durable pinion thru-shaft design
  • Advanced laser welding
  • Up to 68 kg lighter
  • Up to 1% fuel efficiency
  • 5 years or 750,000 miles warranty
  • 1750 lb mult-torque rating

PACCAR MX-13 Engine:

MX-13 is a high-performance and durable 12.9-liter engine. This machine delivers torque and consistent power to perform a wide range of operations. It is a 6-cylinder engine up to 510 horsepower with 1850-lb of torque.  MX-13 provides more power and higher fuel efficiency. The B10 design life is 1.6 million kilometers and the company provides a base warranty of 250K miles / 400K kilometers / 2 years.
Peterbilt PACCAR MX-13 Engine Specifications

PACCAR MX-11 Engine:

The truck is powered by an MX-11 engine with up to 430 horsepower. This is a 10.8-liter engine and 1650 lb of torque at just 900 RPM enhances its performance. It is 181 kilograms lighter in its 13-liter engine category and it improves operating efficiency and best fuel economy. The B10 design life is 1 million miles and the company provides a base warranty of 250K miles / 400K kilometers / 2 years.

Peterbilt PACCAR MX-11 Engine Specifications

New Cab Features:

The Peterbilt 579 cab has many features including:

  1. Digital Display
  2. Steering Wheel and Cruise Controls
  3. Switches
  4. Lane Keeping Assist
  5. New Interior Colors
  6. Cup Holders
  7. Storage
  8. Power Ports
  9. SmartNav Infotainment System
  10. Telematics Connections

PACCAR Financial:

PACCAR Financial Services provides insurance and finance services to Peterbilt customers.


All Peterbilt and PACCAR genuine parts are easily available through the Peterbilt dealer network. Its sales, support, and service centers are all over the country with innovative products.

Peterbilt Dealer Support:

Its dealer network is available in more than 400 locations and the Peterbilt platinum service center is ready to provide best-in-class service with extended service hours and premium driver lounges.

Peterbilt Parts:

Different genuine parts and accessories are available all around the country including engine, bumper, battery, lighting and wiring, HVAC systems, brakes, Exhaust & intake, cooling system, fuel & ignition, drivetrain, wheels & tires, cab, body & chassis,  steering & suspension, bus & trailer accessories, hybrid systems, chemicals, and fluid lubricants, fuel and ignition systems, and other things.


Peterbilt manufactures mid and heavy-duty trucks for consumers and engines are made in the United States.

The gross weight of the Peterbilt 579 vehicle is 18 tons.

Yes, the Peterbilt 579 new model transmission is automatic.

This heavy-duty truck has 12 forward and 2 reverse gears.

The new 2024 579 has a fuel capacity of 335 gallons.

This model is equipped with two batteries of 12 volts and connected in series.

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