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Belaz 75710 Mining Dump Truck 450mt Capacity Full Specifications [World’s Largest]

BELAZ 75710 Dump Truck Full Specifications

2 x 2300 HP
Payload Capacity

Belaz 75710 Mining Dump Truck:

Belaz from Belarus country makes the world’s largest mining dump truck. Belaz 75710 mining dump truck is the world’s largest dump truck with a payload capacity of 450mt. You can check 75710 specifications by reading the below article.

This truck was first introduced in 2013 by Belaz and this world’s largest truck is specially designed for the transportation of rocks from deep open-pit mines.

This gigantic Belaz 75710 truck is powered by two turbo-compressed MTU 65-liter engines of 16 cylinders with a total of 4600 horsepower and this diesel engine is 4 stroke.

C H E C K   A L S O: Belaz 68010 Front Loader

This machine can run with 1 engine with less payload capacity. The claimed maximum speed from the manufacturer is 40 miles per hour (64 km/h) with a full payload maximum speed is 25 miles per hour (40 km/h). The fuel/gas consumption of Belaz 75710 per engine is 750 liter/kWh and two engines approximately consume 1400 liter/kWh.

This truck can also be used for the transportation of large and heavy industrial structures. This truck is a two-axle setup with double wheels. The total number of tires is 8 and the weight of each tire is 6 tons.

The front and rear wheels are equipped with dry disk brakes and the parking brake is of a disk. The braking system meets international standards according to ISO 3450. The brake disks are mounted on the shaft of traction electric motors.

Belaz 75710 Mining Truck Features:

  • All-wheel Drive
  • 450 metric tons payload capacity
  • Electric Transmission
  • Electrodynamics Brake
  • State-of-the-art Engine
  • Powerful Hydraulic System
  • Motor-Wheel Reduction Gear Unit
  • Pneumohydraulic Suspension with Hydraulic Shock Absorber
  • Smart Steering System

Belaz 75710 Mining Dump Truck 450mt Capacity Full Specifications:

Engine Power
2 x 2300 HP (1715 kW)
Engine Manufacturer
MTU DD 16V4000
No. of Cylinders16 x 2
Engine Capacity
152 cubic
Fuel Consumption
198 rated power, g/kW*h
Max. Speed64 km/h (40 mph)
Turning Radius19.8 meter
Torque Max.9313 Nm
Traction Electric Motor1TB3026-0GB03
Loading Height6.47 meter
Payload Capacity450mt
Vehicle Volume645 m3
Generators2 (Develops 3500 kW electricity )
Radiator Fan Motor128 HP
Air Filters8
Cylinder Type
V (Direct Fuel Injection)
Cylinder Displacement65 liter
Cylinder Diameter165 mm (6.5 inches)
Piston Stroke
190 mm (7.5 inches)
System Electric Voltage24 volt
StructureWelded structure with FOPS
Body Volume Struck
164.9 m3
Body Volume Heaped268.3 (2:1) m3
Front wheelsDry Disk Brakes
Parking brakeDisk Brake
Rear wheelsDry Disk Brakes
Auxiliary brakeElectrodynamic retarding by traction electric motors with forced air-cooling of braking resistors
360 tons (Empty)
Weight810 tons (with load)
Cylinder Piston
Front200 mm
Rear170 mm
Length20600 mm (67.6 feet) (20.6 meters)
Height8265 mm (27.11 feet) (8.3 meters)
Width9750 mm (32 feet) (9.7 meters)
SteerableFront Wheels
CompliesISO 5010
Wheels Rotation Angle39 Degree
Turning Radius19.8 meter
Turning Radius45 meters (Overall)
Wheel Motors4
Each Electric Motor1600 HP (Reaches Maximum)
Filled7 Atmospheres P
Tire Weight6 Tons (Each)
Tire Diameter4 Meter
Body Raising Time26 seconds
Body Lowering Time20 seconds
Filtering degree10 μm
Max. Pressure26 MPa
Fuel Tank Quantity2
Fuel Tank Capacity2800 liters (Each)
Hydraulic System2800 liters
Engine Lubrication225 liters (Each)
Suspension Cylinders127.6 liters (Front), 127.6 liters (Rear)
Gear Units150×4 (600 liters) (Motor-wheel reduction GU)
Inside Cabin:
Brakes Pedals2
Accelerator Pedal1
Air ConditionerYes
Fuel Tanks2
Fuel Tank Capacity2800 liters (Each) (740 gallons)
Fuel Weight5.5 Tons (Total)
Fuel Consumption550 liters/hour
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Belaz 75710 Fuel Tank Capacity:

The world’s largest mining dump truck Belaz 75710 has 2 fuel tanks and you can fill up each tack with fuel up to 2800 liters. In total, both fuel tank capacity is 1480 US gallons.

75710 Fuel Consumption/Gas Mileage:

The Belaz 75710 fuel consumption is 198 g/kWh (750 liter/kWh) per engine and it is powered by two powerful engines.

75710 Top Speed:

This heavy-end dump machine from the Belarusian company is equipped with 2 16-cylinder 4600 horsepower engines.  The top speed of Belaz 75710 is 64 km/h (40 miles per hour).

Tire Size:

This mining truck has a 2-axle machine with 2 wheels each and it has a 4-wheel drive with 4 motors for each wheel. The height of each tire is 14 feet (4.27 meters) and the diameter is 4 meters. Each wheel consists of two tires and the size of each tire is 59/80R63. The rim designation is 44-63/5.0.

Tire Weight:

The 75710 dump truck has 8 tires and each tire weight is 6 tons.


At the time of writing this article, this is the world’s largest mining dump truck and its empty weight is 360 tons. After adding a payload of 450 tons its total weight is 810 tons (810000 kilograms). If we talk about the weight distribution with an empty truck on the front axle is 60% and on the rear is 40%. The weight distribution with payload is 50% front and 50% on the rear axle.


This Belaz 75710 giant machine has a peak torque of 13738 lb/ft.

Payload Capacity:

This powerful machine which is manufactured by BELAZ has a payload capacity of 450mt.

Engine HP CC:

It is powered by two 2300 horsepower engines.


This giant 75710 dump truck’s length is 67.6 feet (20.6 meters), height is 27.11 feet (8.3 meters)  and width is 32 feet (9.7 meters). All dimensions of this truck are with basic configuration.

Infographics Features of Belaz 75710 Truck:

Belaz 75710 Mining Dump Truck Features


This high-class truck is manufactured by BeIAZ in Belarus. This is the world’s largest payload truck.

Standard Equipment list:

  • Fire-fighting system
  • Air conditioning and Heating
  • Tire inflation control system
  • High-voltage line proximity alarm
  • Fast fueling system

(and other standard equipment)

Infographics Specifications of Belaz 75710 Dump Truck Data Sheet:

Belaz 75710 Dump Truck Specifications

This world’s highest payload capacity Belaz 75710 mining dump truck is equipped with a fire fighting system with automatic actuation. This truck is also equipped with an active video surveillance system. The telemetering tire inflation system is also with this and other standard equipment.

The turning radius is 19.8 meters (65 feet) and the overall turning diameter is 45 meters (148 feet).

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