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CAT 798 AC Mining Dump Truck Specifications, 4000 hp, 410 Tons Payload

CAT 798 AC

CAT 798 AC Mining Dump Truck Overview:

The Cat 798 AC delivers powerful performance and it has a payload capacity of 410 tons. This Caterpillar machine is easy to maintain and provides more reliability than any other mining truck. You can read Cat 798 AC specifications by checking the table below.

It is built with Cat TorqueBoost technology, which makes it possible to work in the toughest conditions. You can access the Engine from both sides and this makes it easy to maintain the engine easier.

This 798 AC Truck model integrated FOPS, ROPS, and door sensor warning for safety concerns. Its optimized drive integration provides more power to the ground.

The components of this machine are made by Caterpillar including software and electronics components. This is the only single-source electric machine in its size class of dump truck and full support of Cat dealers and network around the globe with fast and efficient parts fulfillment.

The AC drive system of this truck is a high voltage system that runs at a lower voltage current than most of its capacity mining dump truck and it is equipped with an Enhanced Engine Oil Filtration package that eliminates the need for an engine oil filter change in frequent intervals.

The company is also doing research in alternative energy sources including LNG and biofuels. The engine is specially designed to use less fuel and emit less carbon and centrifugal oil filters and other filters are compulsory on all engines.

Cat extended life coolant protects the system up to -35°C. It is a 210 GPM fast fuel system and has different lighting signals including Headlights (4 high beams, & 4 low beams), Directional LED signals (rear & front), Stop tail LED lights, Engine compartment LED, Payload indicator, and payload digital display, Backup LED, and other hazard indicators.

CAT 798 AC Truck Engine:

The 798 AC is powered by a C175-16 engine and this engine is available in two horsepower options. This engine design delivers a long life. Its two side walkways, make it easy to maintain and easy to access different parts.

Its efficient design makes it possible to lower repair costs and move more weight per gallon and moves faster.

  • 3,500 hp (2,610 kW), 4,150 hp (2095 kW)
  • Turbocharging
  • More than one point oil pressure sensing
  • Charging alternator (225 amp)
  • 18% more torque
  • Self-cleaning & centrifugal oil filter

CAT 798 AC Cameras and Alerts:

You can place cameras to give your driver a wide view around the machine and you can also combine radar and cameras that alert the operator. You can also add satellite features to provide proximity warnings.

798 AC High Efficiency Body:

CAT vehicle bodies are specially designed to be an integral part of the entire vehicle system, which that confirms you achieve maximum chassis life.

CAT 798 AC Mining Truck Feature:

  • 18% More Torque
  • 410 tons Payload Capacity
  • All wheels Drive
  • Electric Transmission
  • Easier Maintenance
  • 2,000-gallon Fuel Tank Capacity
  • Superior Serviceability
  • C175 Engine
  • Optimized Drive System
  • Robust Design
  • Powerful Hydraulic System

CAT 798 AC Mining Dump Truck Detailed Specifications, 4000 hp, 410 Tons Payload Capacity

Rated Speed1800 rpm
ModelCat® C175-16
Gross Power (SAE J1995:2014)3,500 hp (2610 kW)
Net Power (SAE J1349:2011)3,405 hp (2539 kW)
Bore6.9 inch (175mm)
Displacement8,187 in³ (85L)
Stroke8.7 inch  (220 mm)
Rated Payload410 tons (US)
Steering StandardsISO 5010:2007
Steer Angle39 degrees
Turning Diameter106.3 ft (32.4 m) (ISO 7457:1997)
AC Drive System
Top Speed (Loaded)40 mph (64 km/h)
Total Reduction Ratio35:1
ControlsAir cooled, Pressurized cabinet with filtration. IGBT Inverter Technology
CoolingVariable Speed, Hydraulically driven cooling system
Wheel MotorHigh-torque AC induction, rear axle mounted
Heather / Defroster24,600 Btu/hr
Air Conditioning (AC)21,600 Btu/hr (HFC – 134A refrigerant)
Weights (Approx.)
Rated Payload410 tons (US)
Chassis Weight453,826 lb (205,852 kg)
Body Weight85,611 – 95,406 lb (38,833 – 43,275 kg)
Gross Machine Weight1,375,000 lb (623,690 kg)
Weight Distributions (Approx.)
Front Axle (Loaded)33%
Rear Axle (Loaded)67%
Front Axle(Empty)47%
Rear Axle (Empty)53%
Tires59/80 R63
Rims44″ x 63″
Capacity – HE Body
Heaped (SAE 2:1)285-361 yd³ (218-276 m³)
Struck168-261 yd³ (129-200 m³)
Front Wet Disc Brake Surface Area22,642 in² (146,081 cm²)
Rear Wet Disc Brake Surface Area32,730 in² (211,163cm²)
Service BrakesWet disc, Four corner, Hydraulically Actuated, Oil Cooled
Parking BrakesMulti-disc, Four corner, Hydraulically released, Spring applied
Dynamic Retarding Power5,480 hp (4086 kW) Continuous
ABSAnti-lock Brake System (Optional)
Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank1,300 gallon (4922 liter)
Cooling System211 gallon (799 liter)
Fuel Tank (EU Stage V/U.S. Tier 4 Final)1,200 gallon (4542 liter)
Crankcase82 gallon (310 liter)
Hydraulic Tank296 gallon (1121 liter)
Hydraulic System385 gallon (1458 liter)
Diesel Exhaust Fluid100 gallon (379 liter)
Grease Tank Capacity90 lb (41 kg)
Final Drives67 gallon (254 liter) Each
Front Wheels7 gallon (28 liter) Each
Refill Capacities – High Altitude Only
Fuel Tank2,000 gallon (7571liter)
Crankcase124 gallon (471 liter)
Cooling System273 gallon (1032 liter)
Hydraulic Tank273 gallon (1032 liter)
Hydraulic System342 gallon (1296 liter)
Body Hoists
Body Raise Time – High Idle21 Seconds
Body Lower Time – Float22 Seconds
Body Power Down – High Idle17.5 Seconds
Pump Flow257.3 gal/min (964 L/min)
Relief Valve Setting3,029 psi (20,884 kPa)
TypeTwin, two-stage hydraulic cylinders with snubbing valve.

CAT 798 AC Fuel Consumption:

Electrical System:

The electrical system of a Caterpillar 798 AC is 24 volts and safeguarded with breakers and fuses. The battery is 12 volts (8)and the ampere-hour is 90.


  • Speedometer
  • Electric hour meter
  • Tachometer
  • Hydraulic oil temperature
  • Engine coolant temperature
  • DEF Level (Diesel Exhaust Level)

798 AC Braking System:

  • Multi-disc (rear & front), Oil-Cooled
  • Load Brake  (rear axle only)
  • ARC (Automatic Retarder Control)
  • Extended Life Brake Disc Material

798 AC Specs via the image:

Now you can save and read the specs and technical data from this image.

Cat 798 AC Dump Truck Specifications Technical Data


  • Seats, adjustable, air suspension
  • Seat belt, trainer
  • Integrated FOPS/ROPS cab
  • Insulated sound-suppressed cab
  • Load brake switch
  • Electric horn
  • Electric powered window
  • Visor (2)
  • Windshield Wipers (2)
  • DC power supply 12-volt
  • Standard mirrors
  • Air Conditioner, Heated & Drfroster
  • Directional shift lever
  • Single padding retarding
  • Programmable top speed
  • Redial retarding grid with AC motor control
  • IGBT motor control
  • AC induction motors
  • Traction control system
  • AC generator
  • Body-up reverse neutralizer
  • Neutral start inhibitor
  • Body-up shift inhibitor
  • TorqueBoost technology

Features infographics:

CAT 798 AC Features
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