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CAT Mini Excavator 300.9D 13 HP Full Specifications

CAT Mini Excavator 300.9D 13 HP Specifications

Net Power
13 HP
Operating Weight
2061 lb

CAT Mini Excavator 300.9D 13 HP Overview:

This compact Cat Mini Excavator 300.9D has a net power of 13 HP, which is equal to 9.6 kilowatt and its rated speed is 2100 RPM. It is a water-cooled 3 cylinder diesel engine.

This hydraulic excavator is powered by a powerful engine from Yanmar brand specifications. The bucket of mini 300.9D has a capacity of 0.018m3. Its battery is of 12 volt and 200 ampere.

You can check full specifications by reading the article below and its datasheet is also available with an info-graphics image. This 13 HP engine provides high performance for the toughest of different jobs.

The specs of an engine produce low vibration and noise. This excavator works well with a hammer and the cylinder is mounted above the structure of a 300.9D to increase the excavator’s durable in the toughest environments.

For the hammer operation, auxiliary lines are fitted with CAT 300.9D. Its service and maintenance are very easy with a simple to open steel cover from an engine. In this way, all components are easy to reach maintenance if greasing and oil points.

Excavator 300.9D Features:

  • Compact
  • Powerful Engine
  • Fold-able Safety Frame
  • Easy to Operate
  • Hose and Cylinder Protection
  • Easy Service
  • Range of attachments

CAT Mini Excavator 300.9D 13 HP Specifications:

ManufacturerCAT (Caterpillar)
Engine Type
Water cooled, 3-cylinder diesel engine
Engine Make
Yanmar 31NV70
Stroke4-Stroke Cycle
Battery Volt.
12 volt
Battery Amp.
20 Ampere
Max. Engine Power
13.7 kW 18 HP ISO (14396)
Net Power
13 HP
Rated Speed
2100 RPM
Displacement52 in3
EmissionsMeets U.S & EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage V standards.
Diesel Tank Volume2.64 gallon (10 liter)
Hydraulic Tank Capacity
3.7 gallon (14 liter)
2 gear
Operating Pressure Pivot
1015 PSI (70 bar)
Operating Pressure
2466 PSI (170 bar)
Operating Pressure
2466 PSI (170 bar)
2170 lb (984 kg) (With Safety Frame)
Weight2060 lb (934 kg) (Without Safety Frame)
Digging Force:
2000 lbf (8.9 kN)
Stick1011 lbf (4.5 kN)
Dozer Blade:
8 inch (200 mm)
Width28 inch (700 mm)
Dig Depth7 inch (174 mm)
Lift Height8 inch (197 mm)
Chassis Etc.:
Rollers per side2
Ground Clearance5 inch (127 mm)
Machine Swing Speed8 RPM
Ground Pressure3.5 PSI cm2 (0.25 kg)
Track Width7 inch (180 mm)
Travel Speed1.12 mph (18 km/hour)
More Info.:
Max. Digging Depth5.68 ft
Max. Dump Height6.68 ft
Max. Vertical Dig Depth4.43 ft
Boom Swing Angle Right56°
Boom Swing Angle Left55°
Sound Power Level93 dB(A) (LWA) (to 2000/14/EG)
Transport Length9 ft (2746mm) (Arm lowered)
Max. Dump Height6 ft 8 inch (2035 mm)
Max. Reach10 ft 1 inch (3074 mm)
Max. Reach9 ft 11 inch (3023 mm) (Ground level)
Tail Swing Radius2 ft 4 inch (736 mm)
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Info graphics Features of CAT Mini Excavator 300.9D:

CAT Excavator 300.9D Features

It is easy to transport from one location to another because its total length with lowered arm is only 9 feet and its maximum dump height is 6 feet 8 inches.

The 300.9D excavator ground clearance is 5 inches and machine swing speed is 8 rpm.

CAT Excavator 300.9D Controls:

300.9D controls are easy to maintain and simple to control with little practice. The operator sitting area is spacious and provides easy control of operations.

Dozer Balde:

Dozen blade extensions can be rotated and locked easily, which allows the machine to quickly configure narrow width or maximum coverage of blade area.

CAT Customer Support:

CATERPILLAR has many CAT dealers all around the world.

Wide Compatibility:

A wide range of tools is available to fully use this multi-functional machine. You can attach a bucket, hammer, and other tools.

Diesel Tank Capacity:

The diesel tank capacity of this CAT mini excavator is 10 liter and in a gallon is 2.64.


The weight of this machine without a safety frame is 934 kilograms (2060) and the weight with frame is 984 kg (2170 lb).

Info graphics Specifications of CAT Mini Excavator 300.9D Data Sheet:

Now you can read the full specs of CAT 300.9D here.
CAT Excavator 300.9D Specifications

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