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How to add Subtitles to a Video Permanently via VLC [Easily]

VLC Media Player is a free, user-friendly video player and allows its users to do different functions easily in a simple steps. One of its cool feature is add subtitles or captions to a video, movie, and TV series permanently. This player is a project of VideoLAN and available to download for Windows, Lunux operating system and Mac. It was initially release on February 1, 2001.

VLC Media Player Subtitle

VLC Player supports many video formats including MP4, MOV, MTS, DVD, etc. After adding a subtitles to a video file, you can upload that video to a youtube video platform.

How do i add subtitles or captions to a video and movie permanently easily?

Now, we will guide you how to complete this task in a simple way with this method. To do so, you must have these two files

  • Video
  • Subtitles or caption file


Any video file, it may be mp4 or other format. VLC Media Player nearly supports all video formats.

Subtitle or caption:

You need a pre written subtitle or captions text file. This file extension must be .srt.

Subtitles or Captions Languages:

You can write a subtitles or captions in different languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic,  Czech, Estonian, Filipino, Hindi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Indonesian, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, and other foreign languages.

Steps for permanent adding Subtitles via VLC Player:

    1. 1

      Open VLC Media Player from the Start Menu or Desktop icon.

      Open VLC Media Player
    1. 2

      Open the Media menu and click on Convert or press Keyboard shortcut key Ctrl+R.

      Media Menu Convert
    1. 3

      An Open Media window will open. Now click on the + ADD button.

      Open Media Add Button
    1. 4

      Select one or multiple files window will open. Now choose one of your required video file. Then click on Open button.

      Choose Required File Click On Open
    1. 5
      Open Media window will open. Now tick Use a subtitle file. and then click on Browse button.
      Tick Subtitle File Box Click Browse Button
    1. 6
      Now choose one of your required subtitle or caption file and press Open button
      Choose Subtitle File
    1. 7
      Now you are again on Open Media Window. Click on the Arrow icon from Convert / Save Box and click on Convert Menu or Press Keyboard shortcut key Ctrl+O.
      Go to Arrow and click Convert
    1. 8
      Now Convert window will open. Click on the Wrench icon.
      Click on Wrench
    1. 9
      Now Profile window will open. Tick the Box of Subtitle. Tick Box of Overlay subtitles on the video. Click on the Save button
      Tick Subtitles box
    1. 10
      Now Convert window will open. Click on the Browse button
      Click Browse Button
    1. 11
      Now Save file window will open. Choose the location, where you want to save the output file. Write File name at the box and after writing the output file name click on the Save button.
      Write output file name
    1. 12
      Now VLC Media Player main window will open and Blue progress line will appear. Now in this step, no action required from you. Just sit and wait for the completion of a procedure.
      Progress bar
    1. Done
      Hurray! Now your final video with a subtitle converted successfully.
      Subtitle Overlay Successfully

Now your entire video file has a subtitle / caption on it. Enjoy!

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