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Mighty Max Battery ML4D 12V 200AH AGM Specifications

Mighty Max Battery ML4D 200AH


Mighty Max Battery ML4D 200AH AGM Overview:

This rechargeable AGM Mighty Max Battery ML4D is a 12-volt battery with a 200-ampere hour capacity. It consists of 6 cells and the separator is made of fiberglass. You can read the full specifications by reading the article below.

This Mighty Max ML4D 200AH deep cycle battery is compatible with Solar systems, trolling motors, camping, security cameras, golf carts, outdoor lighting, camping, RV, UPS, Access controls, garage door, and other electrical devices.

This maintenance-free battery has a 10 years design and 6 months shelf life at 20 degrees centigrade. It has a sealed, leak-proof design and you can keep these batteries indoors without any hesitation.

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For moving the battery, it has a handle on both sides. Its cover and container are made up of ABS material. It has a high discharge rate, works in many temperature environments, and long service life.

Its AGM technology and valve regulated design provide its consumers a worry-free experience for installing an indoor environment and leakage-free.

Its maximum charging voltage current is 52.5 ampere. If the battery is overcharged, then gases are created and these gases are released outside by one valve.

Sulfuric acid is used as a dilute and this battery is maintenance-free. This battery provides 10 hours of backup time with 200-watt maximum usage. You can use this electricity for your LED bulb, Smart TV, Fan, Laptop, MacBook, Mobile phone, Apple iPhone charging, etc.

Its weight is 55 kg and its dimensions and length are 20.87 inches, width 9.45 inches, and height 8.46 inches.

ML4D Warranty:

The company provides a warranty of 1 year and its total weight is 55 kilograms.

Mighty Max Battery ML4D 12V 200AH AGM Full Specifications:

ModelMighty Max Battery 200AH ML4D
Nominal Voltage
12 Volt
TypeSLA (Sealed Lead Acid), AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)
Valve regulated design
Number of cell
Compatible withGolf carts, Electric vehicles, Medical devices, Garage doors, Solar panels, Electric gates, UPS, Electric vehicle, Engine starters, Emergency lighting, and other battery needs.
TerminalM8 Nut and Bolt type
Design Life10 years
Positive PlateLead dioxide
Negative PlateLead
Safety ValveRubber
ElectrolyteSulfuric Acid
Internal ResistanceFull Charged Battery 25 Degree Centigrade
Max. Discharge Current25 Degree Centigrade: 1000A(5S)
Capacity (25 Degree C):
10 hour rate (17.5A, 10.8V)
5 hour rate (31.5A, 10.5V)157.5Ah
1 hour rate (115A, 9.6V)115Ah
Operating Temperature Range:
Self-Discharge (20 degree C):
3% (Declined each month)
Charge (Constant Voltage 25° C):
Standby use
2.20-2.30 VPC
Cycle use
2.40-2.45 VPC
Max. Charging Current
Temp. Compensation
Weight485 lbs, 55 kilograms (Approx.)
20.87 x 9.45 x 8.46 (L x W x H ) inches, 530 x 240 x 215 (L x W x H ) mm
Warranty1 year
Disclaimer: Dear visitor, We tried our best but we cannot guarantee that the specifications on this page are 100% correct (Human error is possible). For 100% correct specifications always visit the nearest local shop.

Mighty Max Battery ML4D Features:

  • Longer life
  • Deep cycle
  • Sealed
  • Maintenance Free
  • Non-Spill able design
  • High discharge rate
  • 200 AH
  • 6 Cell
  • 10 years design life
  • 6 months shelf life (20°C)
  • 1-year brand warranty

Info-graphics Features of ML4D Battery:

Mighty Max Battery ML4D Features

Mighty Max ML4D Battery Constant Current Discharge Rate:

(at 25 Degree C, 77 Degree F)

Voltage Cell End PointVoltage Battery
End Point
15 min.30 min.45 min.2 hour3 hour5 hour10 hour
1.60 V9.6 V32319414067.25133.217.9
1.65 V9.9 V31018713865.249.632.517.7
1.70 V10.2 V2981821336449.23217.1
1.75 V10.5 V27917813162.44831.417
1.80 V10.8 V24516812360.246.329.916.9

(Values in Ampere)

Mighty Max ML4D Constant power discharge:

(at 25 Degree C, 77 Degree F)

Voltage Cell End Point
Voltage Battery End Point
15 min.30 min.45 min.2 hour
3 hour5 hour10 hour
1.60 V9.6 V350022101500745578380210.5
1.65 V9.9 V332820781559740570376.5200
1.70 V10.2 V317020441515720564.5371198.2
1.75 V10.5 V306920001498710549365.5189.5
1.80 V10.8 V296019641482690358.5358183

(Values in Wattage)

Mighty Max Battery ML4D with Trolling motor:

You can attach trolling motor with this heavy-duty battery and it gives 2 hours of backup time with 60 amps trolling motor. In the same way, it gives 5 hours backup time with a 30 amperes trolling motor.

Mighty Max ML4D Design:

This state-of-the-art battery ML4D is an AGM battery with a valve regulated design, that can be safe to be placed indoor environment. Connecting four batteries in a series can give you 48 volts.

Info-graphics Specifications of ML4D :

Mighty Max Battery ML4D Specifications

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