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Toyota Electric Forklift 8FBC15U 4-Wheels 1300kg Capacity Specifications

Toyota Electric Forklift 8FBC15U 4 Wheels

Toyota Electric Forklift 8FBC15U 4-Wheels Overview:

Toyota is the largest forklift manufacturer today Toyota has produced more than 700,000 forklifts. This 4-wheel Electric 8FBC15U is capable of lifting 1300 kilograms. The detailed specifications of this best-quality forklift are mentioned below.

Toyota is a United States most selling forklift manufacturer and produces high-quality electric forklifts for the fulfillment of storage warehouses and other needs.

This 4-wheeled Toyota Electric 8FBC15U maximum travel speed is 9 to 11.5 MPH (14.5-18.5 km/h). The load capacity of this machine is 1300 kg.

Load Capacity
1300 kg
9-11.5 MPH


This vehicle consists of 4 wheels, 2 are situated in front and 2 in the rear. The weight distribution in this forklift is divided between 2 rear and 2 front wheels.

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The maximum fork size is 131 inches, the overall width is 37 inches, the turning radius is 66.3 inches, the mast lowered height is 83.1 inches, and the mast extended height is 179.3 inches.

Toyota Electric Forklift 8FBC15U 4 Wheels 1300 kg Full Specifications:

Load Capacity
3000 lb (1300 kg)
Travel Speed
9 – 11.5 MPH (14.5 – 18.5 km/h)
Driver PositionSeated
Wheels2 Front, 2 Rear
Total Weight2240 kg (4930 lb) (with Full Load)
Weight Distribution (Full Load)3910 kg (8360 lb) / 660 kg (1410 lb) (Front / Rear)
Weight Distribution (No Load)1305 kg (2880 lb) / 1765 kg (3890 lb) (Front / Rear)
Quantity2 (Front), 2 (Rear)
Size18 x 6 x 12-1 / 8 / 14 x 4-1 / 2×8 (Front / Rear)
BrakeFoot / Hydraulic (Parking / Service (foot))
Wheelbase48 (1220) inches (mm)
Tread Width (front/rear)31.3 (795) / 32.3 (820) inches (mm)
Maximum Speed
11.5 (18.5) 36 volt, 11.5 (18.5) mph (km/h) 36 volt (Forward)
Maximum Speed11.5 (18.5) 36 volt, 11.5 (18.5) mph (km/h) 48 volt (Reverse)
Lifting (Full Load)88 (448) 36 volt, 108 (548) fpm (mm/sec)
Lifting (No Load)134 (680) 36 volt, 720 (148) fpm (mm/sec)
Lowering (Full Load)104 (527) fpm (mm/sec)
Lowering (No Load)103 (524) fpm (mm/sec)
Drawbar Pull (Full Load)2090 (950) lb (kg) 3-Minute Rating
Drawbar Pull (No Load)1700 (770) lb (kg) 3-Minute Rating
Voltage / Capacity36 / 680 (V/Ah) 36 Volt , 48 / 510 (V/Ah) 48 Volt
6-Hour Rating (high)36 / 880 (V/Ah) 36 Volt , 48 / 660 (V/Ah) 48 Volt
Electrical Motors:
Load Handling (36 volts)10.3 kW
Load Handling (48 volts)13.2 kW
Fork Size1.4 x 4 x 42 inches (T x W x L)
Max. Fork Size131 (3335) inches (mm)
Free-Lift (top of forks)5.7 (145) inches (mm)
Length to Fork Face76.8 (1950) inches (mm)
Tilt Range (Forward)6 deg.
Tilt Range (Backward)8 deg.
Overall Width37 (945) inches (mm)
Mast Lowered Height83.1 (2110) inches (mm)
Mast Extended Height179.3 (4555) (top of load backrest) inches (mm)
Turning Radius66.3 (1685) inches (mm)
Overhead Guard Height86.4 (2195) inches (mm)
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In 36 volt system, it has 680 Ah power and the 48-volt system has 510 Ah. The user manual of this forklift 8FBC15U model comes with the machine. This vehicle is designed as of mast, which is responsible for lowering and lifting different loads.

For elevating the load, the driver pushes the handle in the forwarding direction to pump the air in the cylinder. You can check the forklift price by calling or visiting the dealer.

Toyota Electric Forklift 8FBC15U Features:

  • Operator presence sensing system
  • Active control rear stabilizer
  • Active cascade mast control and turret head
  • Smart Environment Sensor (“SEnS”) pedestrian detection system.
  • SENS can detect objects up to 32 feet away
  • Turn speed control
  • Foot-activated parking brake
  • Electric horn
  • Key lowering interlock
  • Manual return to neutral
  • Asbestos-free brakes

Toyota Forklift 8FBC15U Performance:

  • AC hydraulic & drive system
  • Speedometer
  • Three forms of energy regeneration (Coast Control, Foot Braking, and plus Braking)
  • Multi-function hour meter, Battery capacity meter, Mast tilt indicator, Direction indicator
  • Built-in indicator
  • 3-way hydraulic control valve
  • Maintenance-free AC motors
  • Easy-access hydraulic motor

Forklift 8FBC15U Body Design:

  • 2 Stage mast & Wide-view carriage bars
  • 48 inches load backrest extension, Tapered forks
  • Tie-down hooks, Draw-bar pin, Overhead guard
  • LED front Headlights, Adjustable Front Headlights
  • 4-way adjustable full-suspension seat & Retractable seat-belt

Forklift 8FBC15U Tires & Wheels:

  • Smooth & nonmarking tires (Front & Rear)
  • Treaded tires (Front & Rear)
  • Wide steer tire 6 inches


Its service brake is hydraulic.

In image Features of Toyota Forklift 8FBC15U:

Toyota Electric Forklift 8FBC15U 4 Wheels Features

In image Specifications of Toyota Forklift 8FBC15U:

You can also read the full specs of this heavy machine from this image.
Toyota Electric Forklift 8FBC15U Specifications

Forklift 8FBC15U Speed:

Its forward maximum speed with a full load in a 36-volt system is 18.5 km/h and with reverse gear, the maximum speed is also 18.5 km/h.

8FBC15U Battery:

The 36-volt battery of this electric forklift gives 680 ampere hours and with a 48-volt system, it gives 510 ampere hours.

Forklift Usage:

This and other forklifts are used for lifting different loads and moving heavy loads from one location to another. It can be used in construction sites, Retail, dockyards, warehouses, Food Storage, Manufacturing Plants, Food Processing, Recycling facilities, beverages, etc.

Forklift Models:

Toyota manufactures various models of forklifts including 8FBC15U, 8FBC18U (2500 lb) (1750 kg), 8FBCU20 (4000 lb)(2000 kg), 8FBCU20-COMP, 8FBCU25 (5000 lb)(2500 kg), 8FBCU25-COMP, 8FBCU28 (5500 lb)(2750 kg), 8FBCU30 (6000 lb)(3000 kg), 8FBCU32 (6500 lb) (2950 kg) and other models.

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